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    Why Choose Capital City Real Estate

    Your home is the largest purchase you will most likely make in your lifetime. The average person spends 1/3 of their monthly income towards their home mortgage. It's a huge investment. The seller more than likely has a listing agent representing them. You need a qualified Buyer's Agent representing you. Capital City Real Estate has helped several satisfied clients find their homes. We will help you through the satisfying task of finding your dream home.

    How can I, as a Buyer, make the property selection process more efficient?

    One important thing you can do is making a list of your needs and wants; needs will take priority. Once your list is made, review it and decide what is most important to your lifestyle. It may be privacy, security, location, number of bedrooms or recreation, to name a few. Decide which items are musts and which you are willing to give up. We will discuss this list in detail so that I can better assist you with the home search.

    Deciding where you want to live may be the single most important factor in choosing a home. Location affects your day-to-day living, and it influences value significantly, so consider this carefully. Your choice of location may be limited somewhat by price or other factors.
    Even so, make sure you consider such things as:

    Prices of properties and property taxes.
    Distance to work, schools, shopping, and entertainment. Proposed changes in land use bringing new shopping centers, highways, airports, etc.

    From this point forward, I will be giving you a great deal of information. Be sure and ask questions about anything you are unsure of. Whether you have purchased before or not, I will ensure that you understand every step of the process.